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Parent or Child Care Provider

Parent or Child Care Provider

We are here to support you every
step of the way.

We are here to support you every step of the way.

Our vision is to see all children thrive!
The Parenting Place Highlights<br>

The Parenting Place Highlights

Potty Training Workshop

Learn about when it is best to undergo toilet learning and get some great tips to achieve success!
MAY 18

Raising Resilient Children

This seminar is all about feelings. You'll learn strategies that help you promote your child's recognition and expression of feelings in order to build resiliency. 
Fun For Families

Fun For Families

FREE Programs to all families
Our programs are fun – but they also build strong families. We know that children thrive when their families learn about parenting as children grow, connect with others, understand feelings, build inner strength, and know where to find help. At our group programs, you’ll meet other adults, get parenting tips, play with your child, and laugh!

Parent Connection

Moms, dads, grandparents or caregivers who are looking for a place to unwind and share the joys and challenges of parenting with other parents. Connect over coffee and conversation while toddlers and preschoolers play in our supervised playroom.

Play Groups

Join us for one of our Play Groups to enjoy open-ended playtime, a simple art activity, storytime, and a snack.
See Schedule

Muscles in Motion

A shared time for parents to participate with their toddler or preschooler in open-ended physical activities. See Schedule

FREE Parenting Classes

May 02
1:00 - 2:00 pm . Sparta Office - 900 E Montgomery St. Sparta, WI
We Believe We Can Help More Families Together

We Believe We Can Help More Families Together

and see all children thrive
You are vital!

You are vital!

You support helps all parents find what they need to give their kids a great start in life
Essential Resources

Essential Resources

Because any caregiver can find themselves in a tough spot


Because parenting challenges can stump the best of us


Because everyone needs to know they aren’t alone

Make a difference!

You can help support and empower a community of adults who nurture thriving children by donating, sponsoring, or volunteering!