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Apr 09
Time 9:00 am - 11:00 pm
Location Sparta Office - 900 E Montgomery St. Sparta, WI
Cost Free
Cara Anderson
Parent Educator

As a teenager develops into a young adult, emotions can run high and be difficult to deal with. Parent Educator Cara Anderson gives you a roadmap on how to navigate this challenging journey.

This class is a part of a discussion group series. Discussion groups provide a conversation-based space where you get to share common parenting challenges with other parents. Get into some of the trickier parenting hassles with discussion groups with other parents in your community.

Discussion Group Classes:

January 9th: Getting Teens to Cooperate 

January 16th: Reducing Family Conflict

January 23rd: Coping with Teenagers Emotions

January 30th: Building Teenagers’ Survival Skill

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