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Wisconsin First Step

The Parenting Place serves as the provider of Wisconsin’s Birth To 3 program in La Crosse County. Outside La Crosse County, Wisconsin First Step serves as the Central Directory for Wisconsin’s Birth To 3 Program. As the Central Directory, Parent Specialists who have specialized disability expertise and who are parents of children with special health care needs, provide information and referrals to county Birth To 3 Programs and other disability-related resources.

Birth To 3 is an early intervention program to help identify infants and toddlers who may have developmental delays or disabilities. Every county in Wisconsin has a Birth To 3 Program available for its residents. County Birth To 3 professionals will work in partnership with parents to identify outcomes for their child and family which will support the child’s ability to grow, learn, and communicate. They will give parents the information and assistance they need to support their child’s development. They will connect the family with other families and provide opportunities for parents to participate in support groups and training experiences.

If you don’t live in La Crosse County, please visit Wisconsin First Step or call Wisconsin First Step at 1-800-642-7837 to find out whom to contact in your county.