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The Parenting Place is an outstanding non-profit with a mission and proven track record of helping families and caregivers. The Parenting Place is an Equal Opportunity Employer seeking a diverse and talented workforce.

Speech Language Pathologist – Unique Pediatric Service Model
Part-time position
A truly unique opportunity for a licensed physical therapist to practice in a cross-disciplinary, team-driven, and supportive work environment. The Parenting Place is hiring a part-time (20-28 hours per week) Speech Language Pathologist to provide Birth to 3 services to families in La Crosse and Vernon Counties.  As part of an Early Interventionist team (including PT, OT, Early Childhood Special Education, and Speech Language Pathologist professionals), you will work with colleagues and the child’s adults to develop and track progress towards developmental goals, serving as a Primary Coach for 15-20 of our 150 enrolled families. Research shows children develop best by learning from a familiar caregiver, through daily routines in their everyday environment, thus Birth to 3 providers work with families in their homes, with an emphasis on coaching the child’s adults so that developmental or adaptive work can occur throughout the day, every day, with the child’s normal routines. Strong candidates will have a passion for using their professional expertise to work with families on an ongoing basis in ways that cannot be achieved in a traditional clinical setting. Current WI licensure is required.

To apply, email resume and cover letter to

The Parenting Place is an Equal Opportunity Employer seeking a diverse and talented workforce to serve families of all cultures, structures and abilities. Bilingual abilities are a major plus.