For grownups who care about kids
Parents, child care providers, grandparents, educators and other caregivers.


Our Mission

The Parenting Place is a place for all who care for young children. Our resources prepare, strengthen, and support parents and caregivers by creating greater understanding of the impact they have on the lives of children in their care. Through such increased understanding, children will have a positive, supportive, and loving start in life.

Our Vision

The Parenting Place builds on family and community strengths to give young children a positive start in life.


Our Values

Our child care services support child care businesses in developing high quality child care to area families. We provide them with technical assistance to help them create sound child care businesses. We also give training to educate them about early childhood so they can provide the best possible care of our young children. We prepare customized child care referral lists for families looking for child care and educate them on how to choose a high quality provider that suits their particular needs.

The Parenting Place’s parent education and support programs are available to any parent or other caregiver of children free of charge. There are no income requirements and no target population because we know that parenting is difficult for all of us, no matter our incomes, ethnicity, or educational background. And because we all want to give the best of ourselves to our children…The Parenting Place’s programs help parents to find and recognize their strengths so they can build on their positive attributes to be the best parents that they can be.